The Benefits of LEDs

LED products outperform other traditional forms of lighting


AusPower LEDS work with businesses and consumers to enable the transition from current wasteful, expensive lighting solutions to energy efficient alternatives, whatever your needs. We offer retrofitting into existing buildings but also work with builders and architects for new building solutions. There are many reasons to convert to energy saving LEDs today!

  1. It's the greenest most eco-friendly lighting solution
  2. Long operational life of up to 50,000 hours or up to 25 years, depending on the product, compared to 5,000 hours for fluorescent tubes and 5,000 hours for incandescent globes
  3. Cool 31 º Celsius lighting plus no UV or infrared radiation
  4. Office and building owners can reduce their maintenance costs significantly due to not having to replace bulbs and tubes as often
  5. Reduced power consumption; LED lamps and tubes can produce up to 80% energy efficiency compared to traditional globes and tubes
  6. Very low energy consumption thanks to low wattage and LEDs produce more light per watt
  7. Non toxic and do not contain mercury or other heavy metals or gases
  8. Lowest early failure rate gives you the highest reliability & lowest maintenance
  9. Versatile, durable and emit light in all visible frequencies to produce white light with high brightness
  10. LEDS come in a range of sizes, making them very versatile to different applications
  11. LEDS can be dimmed
  12. Suitable for a range of applications from general home & office use, through to emergency traffic lighting, plus decorative and landscape lighting
  13. High shock resistance and colour efficiency, with a vast array of colours available
  14. LEDS are solid so are difficult to damage, unlike more fragile traditional bulbs
  15. On/off resistant; do not burn out with frequent on-off cycling & light up very quickly

To learn more about our LED lighting products, or for information on our large scale LED solutions for commercial and industrial applications, contact us and one of the team will be in touch shortly.